Alignment Important for any improvement to succeed

In discussion with Dr U Chatterjee of Unilever the other day, he stressed the importance of Organisational Alignment for any Improvement initiaqive like TQM, TPM, Six Sigma and so on.  That’s when I realized there are very few books published on Alignment.  Raghu’s work, which has now been updated into a second edition and released recently is probably the best book on the topic and is a result of a lifetime’s work.  


Totally Aligned Organisation 
Aligning The Human Spirit to Organisational Endeavour
BY : Raghu Ananthanarayanan
Price: 600.00 

The Central mission of this book is to explore ways by which we can ensure a hundred percent deployment of human potential in organizations. This can be the only goal for organization culture that will support initiatives like “Zero defect”, “Zero waste”, Lean JIT, TPM & TQM. The author uses seminal ideas from the Indian tradition: Alignment of thought, feeling and action at a personal level and at a collective level. This fresh and original approach to organization building is illustrated through detailed case studies. The book offers many mental maps which have come out of the consulting practice of the author and is therefore both practical and powerful. This book advances a path breaking approach to culture building – A must for any manager serious about the human dimension of organizations. 

Raghu Ananthanarayanan is a postgraduate in Engineering from IIT Madras. After working in manufacturing and product design for a few years, he worked on long term assignments on designing manufacturing systems for various organizations. He became very interested in the cultural aspects of organizations since change of systems invariably meant a change in the hearts and minds of people-the creators and sustainers of change. He went into a deep study of human processes and qualified to become a process worker. He simultaneously undertook an intensive study of yoga and related texts to discover the uniqueness of Indian genius. He has published a well-received book on yoga. He is retained as a consultant with many leading organizations in India and abroad. 

I have found the concepts of Totally Aligned Organisation (TAO) Comprehensive and practical for creating effective teams and a vibrant organization. Implementation of the insights offered in the book would lead to overall organizational excellence based on deeper understanding of human processes. It provides idea on how to lead and build commitment thro dialogue and value based design of the organization.”
S. Ramadorai, MD Tata 

Consultancy Services 
Aligning The Human Spirit to Organisational Endeavour At Claris, we have been working on the ideas, propounded in the book, especially on alignment between individual, functional and organizational goals. This has resulted into synergy, shorter throughput time, optimum use of resources and thus improved organizational excellence. The alignment process, especially with individual goals has resulted into a deeper understanding of human processes and work-life balance. Overall, it has provided deep leadership insights into how to navigate the organization at a faster speed in the dynamic business environment of today. 

Handa, Claris Life Sciences 
The frameworks presented in the book form a very good backdrop to explore and interrelate many individual and collective experiences within the organization. I have regularly gone back to the book to understand the depths of the framework and appreciate in applicability within silicon valley organizational constraints. 
J Shankar, President, 

Golden-Gate Technologies 
“The transition of Shasun Chemicals & Drugs from a family managed organization to a systematized and professional organization has been facilitated greatly by the application of many of the concepts & practices contained in this book.”
Dr. Devendra MD, Shasun 

Chemicals & Drugs 
As a consulting partner and technical executive, he deals with business and technical issues every day. His recent experiences range from Managed Business Process Services to Maintenance and Technical Support Services. 

“The inputs on Alignment and Productivity that Raghu brought in helped us turnaround the organization and create a sound foundation for growth”. 
P. Rama Babu, MD, EID


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