Showing The Path

Whether life-saving or taken just to cure a headache, drugs have a critical role to play. And that is why the pharmaceutical business is governed by several regulations and quality specifications.

Three recent news items though makes one wonder where and how the breach occurred. An Indian plant of a leading global pharma company, where injectables and solid dosages are manufactured, was issued a notice for not meeting quality standards.

In another plant of the same company manufacturing heart pills, there was evidence of urine spilling over open drains, soiled uniforms and mold growing in a raw-material storage area.

Another Indian manufacturing arm of an international pharma company has also been asked to stop imports due to multiple violations at the factory.

According to Dr. Shridhar Lolla, a business coach, the nature of most of the issues being highlighted is related more to management systems than technical quality. There is a high degree of distrust and also negligence in following simple norms.

“Assuming that people are good, if people are forced to over work in a situation that reduces their span of attention,mistakes like supply of wrong medicines, broken tablets, untested medicines etc. do occur.

But outside pharma industry such problems have been solved to an extent by Six Sigma (i.e. less than 4 defects per million opportunities).”

At least one thing pharma companies can do is to reduce the pressure on their staff in mindlessly chasing higher throughput as if there is not another day left to make money. This can be ensured only if the plants do not create traffic jam type of situation in their shop floors by following the good practices of operational management.

He tackles just such issues in his book ‘The Path’ (Published by Productivity & Quality Publishing Pvt Ltd) and suggests a way out. This book is for all those who put quality and customers before everything else.



Perfect Gift for the Festive Season

My Greetings of the festive season:
The purpose of giving these gifts is to share our joy and happiness, to share our goodwill, to say thank you, and most importantly to remember us by.
After all, isn’t the idea of gifting to firmly remind the receiver of the giver ?  Flowers, Dry fruit and sweet last at best two days, A diary or a calendar lasts for just one year.  Even electronic products like clocks and watches have a definite life time.
Have you thought for a moment how long these gifts will last and remind the recipient of the giver?
But a book lasts forever.  When you gift a book, you are gifting a whole package of ideas and knowledge which will enable the recipient to grow and prosper and be a happier person.  So a book makes an ideal gift.  With a message from you, preferable handwritten, signed and dated will make a book the perfect gift.
Over the years, I have received many books as gifts.  I have also received many other items as gifts.  There was this lovely pen someone gave me.  I liked it very uch because it felt good, wrote well.  One day it ran out of ink and I couldn’t find sutable refill and that was the end of the pen.  Another time someone gifted me with a beautiful clock.  It worked for many years and finally one day it just stopped.  I took it to a watch mechnic and he said, sorry sir no spares.  This is out dated.  It has come to the end of its life !  But the various books that I got as gifts are still with me and everytime I see them, open them and read them I remember the giver and the occassion.  one venerable old getleman gifted a copy of Rabindranath Tagore’s Gitanjali and everytime I thumb through this book I remember the gentleman and in fact I relive my wedding ceremeny, at the end of which he had come up and presented us with it.
I have published several books which make great gifts.
In this first recommendation, I suggest you seriously consider The Goal written by Eli Goldratt and Jeff Cox for gifting this year.
The Goal is the first business novel and has sold nearly 8 million copies worldwide.  Eli Goldratt has been described as “Guru to Industry” by The Fortune Magazine
We bring you a special Edition of The Goal.  This has a very inspiring and moving foreword by Mr B Muthuraman, Vice Chairman of Tata Steel.  We have added one of the best pieces by Eli Goldratt titled, STANDING ON THE SHOULDERS OF GIANTS.  

In an interview with CNBC’s Tech correspondent Jon Fortt, Amazon’s founder and CEO Jeff Bezos, reveals the three books his top Amazon executives read.

Read as Fortt shares his favorite part of the Bezos Interview:

But my favorite detail from the Bezos interview? This summer he spent time at Lab126, a Silicon Valley outpost about a mile from Apple headquarters where Amazon engineers hash out hardware designs. And he also hosted three all-day book clubs with Amazon’s top executives, capped by nice dinners at the end. Bezos said he used the books as frameworks for sketching out the future of the company.

Which books? Bezos was kind enough to share the titles:

The Goal continues to be one of the most widely used and recommended business books of all times, as reported by Time Magazine, Slate Magazine and more. It has sold more than 3 million copies, been translated into 21 languages 
Do mail me at if you want to know more about The Goal or are interested in other books that you want to gift.