Leadership Dharma

Raghu’s New book

We’ve recently released Raghu’s latest book, Leadership Dharma: Arjuna The Timeless Metaphor.  

Wonderfully written by Raghu its beautifully designed and illustrated by Manu and Divya.  A lot of work has gone into it’s publication.  Apart from Raghu, Manu and Divya, others who contributed are Prasad Kaipa and N Gopalkrishnan who helped in giving the book a shape.  Gopal helped Raghu rework the book improved the flow and made it more readable.  Davila Khazvini contributed a lot editing the copy..


In his foreword Prasad Kaipa writes, “…… our ancient wisdom – recorded through stories in the Upanishads, Jataka kathas, Puranas and Itihasas have to be retold in way that the modern young people cause use those stories to reflect on themselves and gain self knowledge.  That is how smart people become wise.


Raghu is one such story-teller who knows more than enough about Indian wisdom and is sufficiently deeply interested in the modern IT and entrepreneurial India.  He lives with the latest while reflecting on the oldest, at the sae time.  I have seen it first hand.”


Now Raghu has retold the story of the five Pandavas in the context of modern organisation.

A truly well written and beautifully designed book which will give you a deep insight into people and organisations.






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