‘ToC abandons local measures and focuses on global picture’

‘ToC abandons local measures and focuses’

So says the title of Vikram Chaudhary’s interview of my good friend Sanjay Ghoshal in The Financial Express of 12th Dec 2011.

In this interview, Sanjay a founder director of Avenir Management Services articulates in his own distinct style noted for its clarity and directness the basic principles and applications of Theory of Constraints.  http://www.financialexpress.com/news/toc-abandons-local-measures-and-focuses-on-global-picture/886774/0

Sanjay is long time practitioner of ToC in India.  He’s rated so high that for a brief while, at the request of Dr Goldratt himself, Sanjay was the Regional Director of Goldratt Consulting.  Over the years Sanjay has deepened his knowledge of ToC by applying across businesses and across various functions.  

I was introduced to Sanjay many years ago by our mutual friend Ravi Gilani.  One days, Ravi called me and asked me to come over to Le Meridient hotel in Madras at 4 pm.  He said, “Cheenu please take the trouble to come down because I want you to meet someone interesting”.  When Ravi says someone is interesting, thenhe must indeed be someone who Ravi holds in high esteem.  So off I went.  They were sitting in the lobby.  Ravi introduced Sanjay and described him as the master of SoS, which when expanded means, Solutions for Sales.  SoS is the ToC solton for Sales.  In those days SoS was an independ


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