Daily Management

A group of us,  which included Mr Mohanakrishnan, author of THE WAY TO THE PRACTICE OF  TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT were chatting over a cup of coffee the other day. The talk turned to the subject of how important leadership  is in the next of manufacturing enterprises.  And Mr Mohanakrishnan observed effective use of Daily Management can help the leader to lead better.  He went on to say that many people stayed on in an organisation happily accepting a lower pay because thy were very happy working under good leader.  In his experience those leaders who effectively used the principles of Daily Management were successful in nt only retaining talented employees but also loyal, committed team members.

Mr Mohanakrishnan has elaborated on this discussion in his new started blog: http://smkrish.com/2015/10/17/daily-management/.  In this blog he says: “Daily Management, if in place, ably supports strategic breakthrough efforts of the company. How? It is the clear understanding of roles and responsibilities enables everyone to “own up” the actions required for making the strategic dreams to come true.The changes are managed with least “side effects” without arguments and acrimony! He went on to say that people stay on happily in an organisation, if they are provided stress-free working environment. Even higher pay may not entice them to leave the organisation.Companies that practice Daily Management offer clarity to employees in terms of their roles and responsibilities and such clarity effectively dispels stress.

Thus Daily Management is the mid-way link between standardised work practices at the operating level and breakthrough efforts of long term implications. Daily Management is the meeting point of bottom-up improvements and top down challenges.”

In his path-breaking book, THE WAY TO THE PRACTICE OF  TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT, Mr Mohanakrishnan defines Daily Management  as ‘the process of accomplishing one’s roles and responsibilities – efficiently and effectively.’

He has devoted an entire chapter to Daily Management in his book.  He has also explained concepts like Managing Points and Checking Points daily PDCA and rotating PDCA and related the to the work of the Top management, middle management and down the line people elaborately.

A few years back, we at PQP published an entire book on the subject of Daily Management.  Written by Prof Yukihiro Ando, a Japanese TQM Cosecant and Pankaj Kumar, Head of TQM at Tata Steel, DAILY MANAGEMENT THE TQM WAY  as name makes it abundantly clear addresses the topic of Daily Management thoroughly.  This book is based on a “Daily Management Workbook” prepared by Pankaj and his team  to help in the deployment of Daily Management all the functions and locations of a mammoth company like Tata Steel.

Together, the two books will provide you with the know what,know why, and know how of DM, if implemented with rigour and focus will help ever leader achieve success along with happy and loyal team members.


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