Recycling End-of-Life Vehicles


End of Life Vehicles


India is the largest manufacturer of two-wheelers and fourth largest car maker in the world currently. Although automobile manufacturing is declining in the west, with a population of nearly 1.3 billion people this industry promises to grow bigger in India. 


This is going to pose a major challenge of dealing with vehicles that have served their work life (termed End of Life Vehicles, or, ELVs), and those seriously damaged in accidents.  Unless they are handled and disposed off properly, it could lead to serious environmental consequences. Coming on top of narrow, overcrowded & clogged roads, an alarming increase in accidents, and soaring pollution levels, this has thrown up a challenge of enormous proportions on our hands to mitigate emissions levels  and carbin footprint in order to effectively deal with climate change. 


  Recycling of ELVs will play a pivotal role in meeting this ultimate challenge.  Additionally, it will also conserve raw materials, save energy, reduce imports and create substantial employment opportunities. 


Captain N S Mohan Ram covers the overall concept of sustainability, legal framework and the challenges that the third world faces and provides valuable insights into this untapped opportunity in his new book “RECYCLING END OF LIFE VEHICLES: With Special Focus on India and Developing Nations”


This landmark book is scheduled to be released on 26th September 2018 by Dr V Sumantran, Chairman, TCeleris Technologies Limited. Prof M K Surappa, Vice-Chancellor, Anna University will preside and Mr C Samayamorrthy, IAS., Trasport Commissioner/State Transport Authority, Government of Tamil Nadu will receive the first copy. Mr C. Narasimhan, Advisor, Sundaram Clayton Limited will deliver a special address.

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