‘ToC abandons local measures and focuses on global picture’

‘ToC abandons local measures and focuses on global picture’  so goes the title of Vikram Chaudhary’s interview of Sanjay Ghoshal in The Financial Express of 12th December 2011.

In this brief interview Sanjay states in his simple direct and lucid style the fundamental principles of the Theory of Constraints and its application across businesses and activities ranging from Production to Project to Sales & Distribution. It is a good interview, but one thing is patently clear, the interviewer could have delved deeper into Sanjay’s mind and brought out some of the insights Sanjay has gained over a long time of implementing ToC in India and abroad.

Sanjay has been a keen student of ToC.  He has had the good fortune study under Dr Goldratt himself.  For quite some time he was part of SOLUTIONS FOR SALES – a separate company headed by Rami Goldratt which worked in the area of applying ToC to the Sales function.  Sanjay founded Avenir Management Services along with Prasun.  Avenir have been one of the most ardent implementors of ToC.


I was introduced to Sanjay by our mutual friend Ravi Gilani many years ago.  I distinctly remember getting a call from Ravi asking me to meet him at the Le Meridien Hotel in Madras at 4 pm, saying, as though as an added incentive, “Cheenu, I want you to take the trouble of coming over in order to meet someone very interesting”.  Not that I needed any incentive to meet with Ravi.  But, if Ravi said someone is interesting, then he or she will be a very interesting person indeed with many great achievements.

That was my first meeting with Sanjay. I was deeply impressed at the first meeting itself and I found Sanjay to be warm, friendly gentleman with a great sense of humour.  Over the years, we have met several times and for a brief while, when Sanjay was the Regional Director of Goldratt Consulting, I had the opportunity to work closely with him.  After every meeting and interaction with Sanjay, I came out the gainer, having learnt something new and every interaction confirmed my view that here is an extraordinarily capable thinker.

I have wanted to learn ToC Applications in Sales from Sanjay for a long time and I hope to do so soon.  I am keen to publish Selling the ToC by Sanjay Ghoshal in the not too distant future.


Theory of Constraints helps face Economic Slowdown

Today’s DNA, Bombay carries a story by Tanvi Shukla  (s_tanvi@dnaindia.net)

based on an ineraction with my good friend Kiran Kothekar.  http://www.dnaindia.com/report.asp?newsid=1204241&pageid=0

This is great stuff.  I encourage you to read it.  What Kiran has done is to study Eli Goldratt’s teachings in great depth.  In this he has had a wonderful opportunity to study at the Master’s feet.  He has then deployed that knowledge to Businessesses across the spectrum, learnt from that field experience and developed his knowledge further and sharpened his skills.


What he has done at Fleetguard is unique and attempted  for the firs time in India.  This knowledge is highly applicable and relevant to several businesses, specially for those who make for stock and sale and specifically to the Indian Book industry.   I hope the book trade fraternity will sit up and take note of it.


For further knowledge, I recommend Eli Goldratt’s books which can be found at: