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I wonder…..
June 27, 2010

I wonder…..

Today I came  Necessary but not Not Sufficient  by Eli Goldratt being offered on landmarkonthenet site at Rs 961.00 per copy.

obviously, it is the imported edition.

I wonder why they are offering this when our Indian edition is available at Rs 375.00 per copy.  See

It can’t be that the company is not aware of the existence of the  Indian edition because they do stock this book in their shops.  Well, at least sometimes.

I wonder if the online shop and merchandisers are in touch.

Or could it be that they prefer  to sell the more expensive imported edition because the yield is better ?  I wonder….

In my experience, I have found that there are takers for both – the less expensive Indian edition and the more expensive imported.

Some years ago, I experimented by offering the imported Toyota Way at US$ 25 and the Indian reprint at Rs 275 side-by-side.  One customer, in fact bought both !  I asked why.  His answer was simple, he wanted to present the imported edition to the big boss and wanted to keep the Indian edition for himself.